Allie grew up in the fascinating world of resale as the offspring of Louisville's original children's consignment event. As a little girl, Allie had unlimited access to rows of frilly dresses, stacks of unread books, and even a few belled bicycles. She was the queen of her own Toys 'R Us treasure trove. 

Raised by a momma who believed in hand-me-downs and hard work, Allie learned that used dresses (and bikes and books) were to be celebrated and valued, sometimes even more than those that were brand new. She came to believe, just like her momma, that used didn't always mean used up, that it was very important to value your own things, and that community can be created through consignment.

As Allie became an adult and was relegated to big-girl stores with big-girl prices, she continued to value each and every item that filled her closet - especially that which she purchased herself. But as she grew older, taller, and wiser about her style, she realized she couldn't and shouldn't keep it all, no matter how much it cost or how much she cherished it. 

Allie began searching for a way to refresh her closet without losing the value of her clothes, but no consignment or resale options worked for her. She realized the answer was a consignment pop-up event especially for women, just like the kind she grew up exploring. So, she set out to create it.

Allie and Ivory Consignment welcome you to the first women's consignment event in Louisville. Please, come explore.



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