Ivory Consignment holds to a high standard the quality of items offered to our shoppers. Ivory accepts new and gently-worn brand name items and boutique labels. Click here to see a comprehensive list of suggested brands.
It's simple: Don't sell what you wouldn't buy.


Clothing in new or like-new condition
Items should be in pristine condition. Although inventory is pre-owned, it should never appear used or worn.

Clothing that is clean and freshly laundered
Clothing should look and smell clean. Any items that smell of cigarette smoke or mold will not be accepted.

Ivory accepts handbags, wallets, hats, belts, scarves, shoes and jewelry.

Modern and current-trend items
Ivory accepts items that are on-trend and relevant, i.e. items that have been sold within the past few years. Think of items that your friends would be happy to borrow and wear.

Quality items
Our shoppers prefer high-end, well-made boutique, designer and popular label brands. Items made of cheap material or low quality will not be accepted.

To ensure the quality and variety of items, each consignor may sell a total of 100 items. Hanging items are limited to 50 per person. Please keep all items within the acceptable guidelines.

Multi-season items
At this time, Ivory is accepting apparel for all seasons. If inventory reaches maximum capacity, winter items will be removed first.


Intimate items
Ivory does not accept underwear, bras, socks, sleepwear, lingerie, hair accessories or makeup. New and gently-worn swimwear acceptable. Camisoles, bralettes and bandeaus will be subject to approval. 

Out-of-style and past-trend items
Ivory purchased more than a few years ago will not be accepted, including  shoulder pads, dated floral prints, gauchos, etc. 

Items that show any signs of wear and tear
Any items with rips, stains, shrinkage or fading will not be accepted. Shoes should be clean and free of scuff marks.

Specialty items
Bridesmaids and wedding dresses will not be accepted. However, Ivory does accept cocktail dresses, formal wear, and Derby dresses and hats. Prom gowns are subject to approval.

Items considered offensive
Any items containing offensive language or questionable content will not be accepted.

Counterfeit or knock-off items
Any items deemed counterfeit will not be accepted. Apparel and accessories must be manufactured by the brand listed.

Maternity or children's items
At this time, Ivory is not accepting any children's or maternity apparel and accessories. Junior's items are subject to approval and inspection.