1. Collect all needed materials: 
    • Safety pins
    • Wire or plastic shirt and pants hangers
    • Card stock paper (65+ lb.)
    • Scotch and packing tape
    • Zip ties
    • Baggies
  2. Create your tags on MyCM. Login here. Access helpful step-by-step instructions here.
  3. Print your tags.
    • Use the normal or draft print setting to ensure bar-code is readable by scanner.
  4. Attach your tags.
    • ON CLOTHING: Attach tags on the front of each hanging garment, preferably on the front top right. For more delicate items, attach tags to the label or inside seam to avoid damage. For pants and bottoms, attach tags to the front right of the waistband.
    • ON JEWELRY: Attach tags directly to jewelry, using safety pins or ribbon. Pin earrings directly to the tag to create a card for easy display. Please do not place jewelry inside baggies with a loose tag.
    • ON SHOES: Attach tags directly to shoes using safety pins, ribbon, or packing tape (not covering the tag bar-code). Please do not attach tags to shoe boxes as shoes will not be displayed with boxes. Do not tie or tape shoes together.
    • ON HANDBAGS: Attach tags directly to handbags using zip ties or packing tape. Please do not puncture handbags, especially high-end bags, with safety pins.


Video: Tagging System 101

Video: Power Tagging