Ivory Consignment couldn't run smoothly and securely without the help of volunteers. Our volunteers help by greeting customers, counting items at the dressing rooms, and watching over the floor.

Best part of volunteering? Our volunteers get to shop a special pre-sale and can earn up to 75% of their sales.

Here's how it works:

Sales Earnings


Volunteer Shifts

Four (4) shifts
Three (3) shifts
Two (2) shifts
One (1) shift*
No shifts

*One shift = Three (3) hours

Volunteer FAQ

I'm in! Where do I sign up? Great! We're glad to have you. Head over to your MyCM account to choose your shift(s). Once logged in, choose Volunteer from the top menu and click the box next to any available open shifts. We appreciate you!

What exactly will I be doing? Here's a breakdown of the shifts available on MyCM: 

  • Event Set Up – You'll be organizing, preparing, and merchandising items on the floor
  • Dressing Room – You'll be keeping an eye on that area and counting items as women go in, or restocking merchandise
  • Floor Watch – You'll be assisting shoppers, reorganizing misplaced items, and generally watching the floor activity
  • Floor Reset – You'll be reorganizing the floor between the public sale and the pre-sales or 50% discount sale
  • Floor Organization – You'll be preparing items to either be donated or picked up by consignors
  • Pick Up – You'll be helping consignors find their unsold items, keeping the sale floor organized, and checking out consignors
  • Event Tear Down – You'll be breaking down sale equipment and helping tidy the venue

Volunteer Rules

  •  Ivory Consignment requires that all volunteers fulfill their obligation to work their shift. If you fail to show up or cancel without 24 hours notice, your sales earnings will be decreased to 50%. We understand that circumstances arise, and we'll take those into consideration.
  • Volunteers must be on time and fulfill their entire shift to receive their earnings.
  • If you volunteer before the pre-sale, please do not shop or ask us to hold items. We will remain fair to all volunteers.
  • Keep cell phone usage to a minimum. If you have to make a call, please step outside.
  • Do NOT bring your children to your volunteer shift.
  • Please understand that these rules have been created in an effort to maintain a safe and reputable event.